Mount Calvary | adult bible classes

We are taking a break from Adult Bible Classes for the Summer and will begin again starting July 21st at their regular times.

Sunday 9:00-10:00 am

Family Life Center

spring 2018 classes

Explore the Bible - Genesis and Mark [ 18 weeks in the Family Life Center Cafeteria ] 

Using the Explore the Bible curriculum, this class will take a closer look at the roots of the gospel in Genesis 25-50 and then, in the book of Mark, the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham in Jesus Christ. 

Seekers- Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel [ 18 weeks in Family Life Center Room 211 ] 

For women seeking to know more of God’s Word through the study of Joshua and Judges. With discussion and prayer, this class will focus on learning what God’s Word says and how it applies to each of us. 

Understanding the World & Living the Faith, Part II [ 18 weeks in Family Life Center Room 210 ] 

This class will focus on how we as Christians should learn biblical truths so that we can respond to the world around us. The world today has changed with the spread of religions, cults, technological compromise, and new doctrines - we must arm ourselves with biblical worldview apologetic! Attendance for Part 1 of this class is not required to attend this session.

Creation [ 18 weeks Family Life Center  Room 212 ] 

What is a biblical view of creation and what does it show us about God? How do we interact with different views of creation? Why is the doctrine of creation important? And ultimately, how does knowing that God is the Creator lead us to love him more? This class will largely focus on Genesis 1 & 2 with a design to see the majesty of our glorious Creator!

Finding Your PLACE in Life and Ministry [ 7 weeks in Family Life Center Room 209 ] 

Are you asking yourself, “Where do I fit in? What are my spiritual gifts? What do I have to offer others in service?” If so, we invite you to this class that will walk you through a self-discovery process using the PLACE assessment tool. In the class, we will explore your personality type, spiritual gifts,abilities, life passions and experiences through a biblically based curriculum developed by Jay McSwain.

Habits of Grace [ 11 weeks, starts February 24 in Family Life Center Room 209 ] 

Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. Though seemingly normal and routine, the everyday “habits of grace” are meant to be a means of joy in our lives. Whether it is reading the Bible, prayer, or participating in corporate worship; God has given us opportunities to know Him, love Him, and enjoy Him. Whether you are having trouble developing consistency in Bible reading, memorization, prayer, or other areas of the Christian life or you just want to be challenged in to Passionately Pursue Christ, this class will help you build a strong foundation in walking with God daily. This class will use Habits of Grace by David Mathis as the basis for the study.