What is Dinner for Eightish?

Dinners for Eightish is an opportunity for the people at MCC to build relationships and get to know one another over a meal. Group sizes will be around eight people, not including kids (that's the -ish). This isn't intended for couples only, either! Anyone can sign up! We hope that the dinners will help build stronger friendships at Mount Calvary Church.   


How does it work?

Each group has a host who volunteers their home for the meal location. The host will coordinate the meal and contact the other guests with suggestions of additional food items to bring to share. Groups will be randomly selected. 


How often will there be dinners?

Groups will meet on designated Dinner for Eightish dinner nights. Each dinner night will be a different group of eight and you will sign up for only the nights that work for you. Sign up below! 


What about kids?

Group members with children can decide together whether or not to include children or individually get childcare prior to the dinner. 

What do I have to do if I am a host? 

We want to make hosting as easy as possible! As a host, you are opening up your home to the group. This doesn't mean you have to cook the entire meal, but instead you are coordinating a potluck style dinner for the night. If you are worried about space at your house, let us know and we can try to accommodate!

What are some potluck ideas if I'm hosting?

Organize a taco bar. Have chili, cornbread, and salad. Do appetizers and desserts. Order pizza and have everyone bring sides. Make a big thing of baked spaghetti and have the others help with the sides.

Wednesday, February 26