Doing life together

We meet every first and third Wednesday of the month

[a few groups meet on other nights]

what are life groups?

Life Groups are where we do life together. No masks. 

Just real people living real life.  

Study the Word.

Pray for each other's struggles, rejoice in blessings

Family who loves unconditionally and helps meet practical needs


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life group | common questions

Where do Life Groups meet? 

Life Groups meet in various homes across Lancaster County, including Elizabethtown, Palmyra, Marietta, Mount Joy, Columbia, Manheim, and Lancaster.

What can I expect at a Life Group night? 

Some Life Groups decide to eat a meal together while others opt for dessert and snacks. There is a time for study, prayer, and fellowship. 

Can I bring my kids? 

Absolutely! If you have children, you will be placed in a group where other families have children, too.

How long does Life Group run on a typical night? 

Life Group typically lasts about two hours, depending on the group.