pastoral search team 

PST Mission Statement: 

The Pastoral Search Team will submit to the Holy Spirit’s leading in

prayerfully hiring a discipleship-minded Lead Pastor who will equip us to Passionately Pursue Christ.

call to prayer | october

Please consider partnering in prayer with the PST. For the month of October, we are specifically praying that

the true needs of the congregation would be revealed to the PST through the leading of the Holy Spirit as we seek His guidance (Ephesians 6:11-18).

Church update | 10.8.17

The PST would like to share the following update with our church family:

  • The team meets every week to passionately pursue the man that God has already chosen to be our next senior pastor. Our meetings always begin with Pastor Dan bringing us a challenge from God’s Word, and then we spend time in prayer seeking God’s wisdom, will, and direction for our meetings and for our church. That is followed by several members of the team giving a testimony. 
  • We are currently in the process of making a survey that will be used to help the PST members get a better feel for the heart of our people. This survey should be out to you by the end of the month. We are seeking God’s will for our church first and foremost but also want to take into consideration some of your concerns and desires.
  • We are also working on three profiles: the pastoral profile, the church profile, and the community profile. We are using information gathered by the Transition Team for the community profile and working alongside the Elders for the church and pastoral profiles.
  • As pastor Dan mentioned last Sunday, we are asking you to pray with us for God’s direction and His will for our church. We will have a specific request that we will focus on each month (please see above for our October prayer request).

church update | 9.24.17

The PST would like to share the following update with our church family:

  • The PST meets every week and covets your daily prayers. Please reference the above mission statement for an idea of their goals
  • The PST is currently working on building three profiles: community, church, and pastoral
  • The community (Elizabethtown and surrounding regions) )and church profiles will be given to prospective pastors as they consider applying for the position
  • The pastoral profile is, in essence, a job description that will be written for the position. The PST will prayerfully seek ways to include the congregation in this process.