Love your neighbor

We heart Mill Road Elementary

Hello Neighbor! Did you know that Mill Road Elementary and Mount Calvary Church are less than a mile apart?  That means we are practically neighbors!  We love our neighbors and we want to put that love in action by performing simple acts of kindness over the coming months.  We want you to know we care and we are praying for you.

At Mount Calvary Church, we understand that the work of educating children is of the highest importance.  It is a calling.  But even when people are called to do such noble work, it can at times be overwhelming. Educating children even in the best of times can be difficult, and this past year,  COVID-19 has brought unexpected challenges.   The faculty and staff in the Elizabethtown Area School District have risen to meet those challenges and we want to take some steps to show that we care and we support their efforts. 

This webpage is exclusively for YOU - the faculty and staff at Mill Road Elementary.  We hope that you will find encouragement here.  If you need prayer or just someone to talk to, our pastors and staff are available.  We hope to see you soon neighbor! 

  • Prayer

    Prayer is a very powerful way that we can support you!  Let us know any specific requests you have by clicking here.