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Family Devotional

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus

As we enter the season of advent and prepare our homes for Christmas, we want to encourage you, along with your family, to prepare your hearts for The Coming of Emmanuel.

The church would like to gift each family a devotional book to guide your family through daily devotions for the season of Advent. The books will be available on Sunday mornings at the Welcome desk. 

We would encourage your family to gather at dinner or at bedtime, read the daily entry together, and pray. To help engage your family, we have put together some lists of advent activities available below.

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Advent Activities

Some families will want to help engage their children by adding an activity to their devotion time. Please note that these lists are meant to be an optional addition to the devotional shown above. These are some fun and creative ideas available to get you started. You can do one daily or weekly or not at all

  • Activities Suggested by the author

    You can go to and find additional resources and activities that go along with the book. The button to the right will take you directly to the activities list.

  • Family Advent Ideas

    Here is a list with a wide variety of opportunities include local service opportunities, reaching out to neighbors, and fun family activities.

  • Advent Giving Back & Quality time

    This list of ideas includes two separate lists, one of ideas of quality family time and one of ways to give to others.

  • Christmas countdown ideas

    This is a list of 45 meaningful things that you and your family can do to celebrate Christmas and remember the Christmas story.