adult bible classes


In-Person: 9am

Virtual: 8pm

Through our Adult Bible Classes, we seek to equip the church to Passionately Pursue Christ through biblical teaching by instilling an understanding and love for the Bible, creating a core foundation to living the Christian life, challenging believers in practical areas of life, and digging deeper into key theological and apologetic concepts.

Classes change quarterly and class offerings will typically include a BIBLE class that studies a book of the bible in depth; a PRACTICAL class addressing various areas of life; a CORE class covering the foundations of faith; and a DEEPER class covering a variety of topics in church history, theology, and apologetics.

Classes for Fall 2020 will be a mix of in-person and virtual (Zoom) options. For the in-person options, childcare is not available at this time.

Fall 2020 Classes

Classes run October 4h - December 13th. (No classes on November 29th)

Explore the Bible: Isaiah [ Family Life Center Cafeteria ]

Teachers: Jerry Mohr, Philip Nelson, Denny Dragas

The Book of Isaiah is filled with insights about the nature of God and our relationship with Him. Part of this relationship includes the promise of God reconciling His people to Himself. The message of Isaiah continues to be echoed today.

Seekers: Journey through the Old Testament [ Family Life Center Room 207 ]

Teacher: Jan Burd

(Ladies Only) Saul was the type of King that God, through the prophet Samuel, warned the Israelites against. David was the King that God had promised. In David we find a man who loves the Lord; who worships Him passionately; who persistently depends on His faithfulness. And yet, in David, we still see the imperfection of man. But despite, or because of, the failings of David, we see the grace of God on full display. And through David we receive the promise of a future king who is the perfect King.

The Book of Ecclesiastes (Virtual)

Teacher: Pastor Dan Gilbert

Zoom Host: Ryan Torburg

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God wants us to have a meaningful life. A life that has purpose, value and contentment. But how is that possible when this world is so hard to live in? The Book of Ecclesiastes will help us discover how to have a meaningful life as we live in a world that is often against us.

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The Book of Revelation (Pastor Dan Gilbert)

Habits of Grace (RC Fraley-Hogg & Ryan Martin)