adult bible classes

Sunday 9:00-10:00 am

Family Life Center

Through our Adult Bible Classes, we seek to equip the church to Passionately Pursue Christ through biblical teaching by instilling an understanding and love for the Bible, creating a core foundation to living the Christian life, challenging believers in practical areas of life, and digging deeper into key theological and apologetic concepts.

Classes change quarterly and class offerings will typically include a BIBLE class that studies a book of the bible in depth; a PRACTICAL class addressing various areas of life; a CORE class covering the foundations of faith; and a DEEPER class covering a variety of topics in church history, theology, and apologetics.

The Hospitality Team will be happy to help you choose and find your class on Sunday morning. If you need assistance, please stop by our Welcome Center. 

Fall 2019 Class

Classes run September 8th - November 24th. 

Explore the Bible – Ephesians [ Family Life Center Cafeteria ] 

Teachers: Jerry Mohr, Denny Dragas, Phil Nelson

The book of Ephesians unpacks how the good news about Jesus has the power to redeem and renew broken people like us. Jews and Gentiles at the time Paul wrote Ephesians were drastically different and yet Paul demonstrated how the gospel such radically diverse people under the banner of King Jesus. Paul reveals how the gospel is also good news for all of life, not only does it promise us eternity with God but it has the power to breathe new life into our closest relationships and empower us to stand firm against temptation to sin.


Seekers - 1 Samuel - Life of David [ Family Life Center Room 207 ] 

Teacher: Jan Burd

(Ladies Only). To many, David is a larger than life figure. He is the boy shepherd who defeats the giant Goliath and becomes king. He wins battle after battle for the Lord. He walks in faith for years waiting for God to do what He has promised. Come and learn about how we can relate to the man after God's own heart. And realize that despite all of his passion and zeal and faith; David is only a man who fails just like we do.  The first two weeks of class, the ladies will be finishing up their summer study in Revelation.


Habits of Grace [ Family Life Center Room 212 ] 

Teachers: Ryan Martin & RC Fraley-Hogg

Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. Though seemingly normal and routine, the everyday “habits of grace” are meant to be a means of joy in our lives. Whether it is reading the Bible, prayer, or participating in corporate worship; God has given us opportunities to know Him, love Him, and enjoy Him. Whether you are having trouble developing consistency in Bible reading, memorization, prayer, or other areas of the Christian life or you just want to be challenged in to Passionately Pursue Christ, this class will help you build a strong foundation in walking with God daily. This class will use Habits of Grace by David Mathis as the basis for the study.


When Life is Hard [ Family Life Center Room 211 ] 

Teacher: Pastor Dan Gilbert w/ contributions from Ryan Hostetter, Jonathan Hawryluk, & Bob Zeager

Today believers face many challenges in life. Some problems are so difficult they expose believers to potential "disaster", crushing them. God has a clear message for His children when life in this world is so hard. In 1 Peter -- the theme is suffering. The 1st century was very difficult for believers. We will study what Peter says to these first century believers whose lives had been turned upside down. We will learn that God cares for His children even if life in this world becomes hard.


The Theology and History of the Reformation [ Family Life Center  Room 210 ] 

Teacher: Dr. Dan Sheard

In this study, we will focus on the biblical foundations established during the 16th century Reformation in Europe: sola scriptura ("by scripture alone"); sola fide ("by faith alone"); sola gratia ("by grace alone"); solus Christus or Solo Christo ("Christ alone" or "through Christ alone"); soli Deo gloria ("glory to God alone"). We will put this against the backdrop of the historical struggles of religious persecution, social upheaval, exile, and refugee problems in Germany, Switzerland, France, and England.  We will talk about the major reformers: Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Bullinger, Knox, Bucer, Farel, Tyndale, Huss, Wycliff, Viret, Melonchton, etc. We will also address some of the other important groups who were martyred for their evangelical faith, like the Waldensians, Lollards, and Hussites. A supplemental, optional text for this class will be: The Reformation: How a Monk and Mallet Changed the World by Stephen J. Nichols. 


College Class (ages 18-24) [ Family Life Center Room 209 ] 

Leaders: Brad & Janelle Burkholder; Jared & Katie Griest; Roni Masters; Kathleen Allen

The MCC College Bible class is geared toward young adults who are looking to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ while connecting with other students and young professionals. Whether you are home from college for the summer, attending college locally, or starting in the workforce, this class is a consistent place to grow your relationship with God and your peers.


Finding Your PLACE in Life and Ministry [ Family Life Center Room 208 ] 

Leader: Tory Allison

[ Starts Sunday, October 13 ] Are you asking yourself, “Where do I fit in? What are my spiritual gifts? What do I have to offer others in service?” If so, we invite you to this class that will walk you through a self-discovery process using the PLACE assessment tool. In the class, we will explore your personality type, spiritual gifts, abilities, life passions and experiences through a biblically based curriculum developed by Jay McSwain.