adult bible classes

In-Person: SUNDAY @ 9am

Virtual: SaturdAY @ 6:30AM (and Recorded)

Through our Adult Bible Classes, we seek to equip the church to Passionately Pursue Christ through biblical teaching by instilling an understanding and love for the Bible, creating a core foundation to living the Christian life, challenging believers in practical areas of life, and digging deeper into key theological and apologetic concepts.

Classes change quarterly and class offerings will typically include a BIBLE class that studies a book of the bible in depth; a PRACTICAL class addressing various areas of life; a CORE class covering the foundations of faith; and a DEEPER class covering a variety of topics in church history, theology, and apologetics.

Classes for Spring 2021 will be a mix of in-person and virtual (Zoom) options.

Spring 2021 Classes

Classes run January 10th - May 23rd

Explore the Bible: Luke [ Family Life Center Cafeteria ]

Teachers: Jerry Mohr and Philip Nelson

In his Gospel, Luke highlighted Jesus’ great love for all people—especially Gentiles, the poor, women, social outcasts, and those labeled by society as sinners. For this reason, the Gospel of Luke has been called the “the Gospel of the underdog.” Ultimately, Luke’s Gospel is a testimony about God the Son as He took on human flesh and became the Son of Man.

Biblical Anthropology [ Family Life Center Room 003 ]

Teachers: Dr. Dan Sheard

What are the ramifications of the biblical teaching that men and women are made in the image of God?  How might our contemporary issues of racial conflict/reconciliation, gender identification, abortion, euthanasia, COVID-related deaths, and ethnic immigration motivate us to join Jesus in preaching the gospel to the whole world?  Even beyond the very clear, biblical teaching on the doctrine of sin, the fall of man, and human depravity, what are the positive implications of our salvation in Jesus with respect to moving forward in our culture as a church?  

Seekers: Journey through the Old Testament [ Family Life Center Room 207 ]

Teacher: Jan Burd

(Ladies Only) Saul was the type of King that God, through the prophet Samuel, warned the Israelites against. David was the King that God had promised. In David we find a man who loves the Lord; who worships Him passionately; who persistently depends on His faithfulness. And yet, in David, we still see the imperfection of man. But despite, or because of, the failings of David, we see the grace of God on full display. And through David we receive the promise of a future king who is the perfect King.

Intentional Leadership - Nehemiah (Virtual)

Saturday's from 6:30am - 7:30am starting January 23rd

Teacher: Mike Robinson

Missed a class? Video Library Here

How to be determined leader in your area of influence. Nehemiah was a regular guy who caught a glimpse of what could and should be. After he caught that glimpse of what God wanted he went after it with all his heart. Everyone in life ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere with a purpose. Are you consumed with the tension of what is and what could be? Are you dissatisfied with the status quo? Do you feel a sense of urgency? What do you feel passionately about? If you have ever questioned yourself in the area of purpose, then Nehemiah is a good place to start connecting with other Believers to consider the good works that God has prepared each of us to do.

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