MCC Students

MCC Student Update 3-21-20

MCC Student Resources for 4-5-20

  • Worship & Discussion: 
  • Please worship together as a family by participating in Mount Calvary Church's Sunday morning livestream at 10:15 AM.  Click here to view it on our website or click here to watch it and interact with us on Facebook.  Click here to get questions (4/6/20) to discuss with your students at lunch after you have watched the livestream,
  • Personal Growth: 
  • We want our students to be focused on God and His word, so we are encouraging our students to join us on a six-week reading through the book of 1 Corinthians starting Tuesday, March 24th (click here for the reading schedule). MCC Students is collaborating with Mount Calvary Christian School to produce a daily short video looking at God’s teaching from the day’s passage. Matt Owlett, Joshua Brussel, Ryan Martin, Joe Garrison, and Pastor Jonathan  will be teaching on those videos. MCC Students will post those videos daily on Instagram (mccstudents.etown),  our MCC Students Facebook page, and Mount Calvary Church's YouTube channel.  
  • Care and Communication:  
  • If your students have Instagram or Facebook encourage them to follow MCC Students on both so they can receive the content daily. We will be posting some other things online to those sites as well.
  • I do understand that not all of our kids have social media accounts, so we are going to post those daily videos on MCC’s YouTube channel.
  • As MCC Student Leaders, we want to be personally checking in and caring for your students during this time through texts and calls. While most of our senior high students have cell phones, I know that there are a good number of our junior high students that don’t. If you have a child that doesn’t have a cell phone, email Pastor Jonathan and let him know the best way that we could personally connect with your student(s) during this time. Pastor Jonathan


upcoming events | SPRING

Student Bible Class | Sundays 9-10am | Room 102 Family Life Center

The Well | Sundays 6-7:30pm | MCC Youth Center, 107 Hershey Rd

service ops

Join the band: We are looking for musicians and a tech person to help out on Sunday nights this year. If you are interested in playing or singing in the band on Sunday nights, please email  Ryan Martin.

Fusion Staff: This year again MCC Students is going to run Fusion on the forth Sunday mornings during church. We need students to help run small groups, lead singing, or even help teach if you would like. Click here to register to help serve.