connect in a caring community

Community Groups are where we connect with others in a caring community.

Where we say "I have room for you in my life."

No masks. Just real people living real life. 

what are community groups?

Study the Word in a small group setting

Pray for each other's struggles, rejoice in blessings

Family who loves unconditionally and helps meet practical needs

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Frequently Asked questions

What is the goal of community groups?

Groups exist to help you do three things: Apply the Bible to life, Build relationships, and Care for each other. 

What kind of groups are there?

We have groups comprised of all ages and stages of life. We will work to find a group that is a good fit for you.

When do the groups meet?

Groups generally meet twice per month, typically, the first and third weeks of each month during the school year. Groups decide which night of the week is best for them. During the summer, groups take a break from regular meetings and often have social gatherings together in backyards or community parks.

How long does each meeting last?

Each group decides the length of time it meets. Most groups meet for about 90 minutes to two hours, depending on the group. 

What do groups study?

Many groups discuss how to apply the prior week’s sermon to their daily lives. However, some groups may choose to do a topical study, discuss a book of the Bible, read a book, watch a video series, or discuss a podcast.

Where do the groups meet?

Community groups meet in group members’ homes, across Lancaster & Lebanon Counties, including Elizabethtown, Hershey, Palmyra, Marietta, Mount Joy, Columbia, Manheim, and Lancaster. You may also find some meetings in backyards, restaurants, parks, or a mixture of all the above. Additionally, some groups meet at the church/Ministry Center.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! If you have children, you will be placed in a group with other families who have children.

What about childcare?

Childcare is managed by each individual group. Some groups rotate childcare responsibility. The MS/HS youth department of MCC makes students available for childcare.

How long do groups stay together?

Groups meet for 3 trimesters each year. Each trimester lasts somewhere between 6-10 weeks. As groups grow, they often multiply to create room for more people, helping keep the group small enough for everyone to engage fully. Generally, we recommend that individuals/families commit for at least one year.

What can I expect at a Community Group meeting?

Some Community Groups decide to eat a meal together while others opt for desserts and snacks. Though each group differs in how it does things, there is a time for study, prayer, and fellowship.

Can I visit a group before “joining”?

Absolutely.  We encourage everyone to check out a group before making a commitment.  Feel free to check out more than one group.  We hope visiting a group will relieve your natural hesitations and answer your questions. 

What happens if my schedule changes or I struggle to connect with others in my group?

We will attempt to find a group that meets when you are available or a group with which you feel connected.