FIND your PLace

Are you asking yourself “Where do I fit in? What are my spiritual gifts? What do I have to offer others in service?” If so, we invite you to join a self-discovery process that will use the PLACE assessment tool.

For more information contact  Elizabeth Lerro

New Place Session Begins

October 13, 2019

6 weeks during Adult Bible Class hour

Sunday mornings  |  9am

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place explores

Your personality type | Are you dominant, inspiring, supportive, or cautious? [DISC]

Spiritual gifts | Do you have the gift of teaching, wisdom, helps, giving, to name a few? 

Abilities | How has God gifted your natural abilities for his kingdom work?

Life passions | Everyone is passionate about something. God wants to use your passions! 

Life experiences | Your unique journey has molded you, and God has a plan for every part of your story

PLACE Workshop

The Place Workshop is designed to help you understand how God has made you, shaped you, and prepared you to make an eternal impact. Following completion of the class, you will meet with one of our PLACE Coaches to help you apply all that you learn to finding YOUR place in ministry.