Meeting Virtually

There are countless platforms out there that are available to help us connect with each other virtually with video and audio over the internet. Facebook Messenger, iOS Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts/Duo, etc. The list of free programs feels endless! Here is a quick look at the weaknesses of each technology:

  • Facebook Messenger. Requires everyone to sign up for Facebook. Which some really don't want to do. 6 person limit.
  • iOS Facetime. Requires everyone to have Apple products.
  • Skype. Probably the oldest technology platform on here. So not super fancy.
  • Zoom. 40 minute time limt for free accounts.
  • Google Hangouts. 10 person limit. Due is 8 person limit.

Honestly, while it's not the most hyped platform, for most of our groups Skype looks like the best platform. that's my opinon! So feel free to try other things (several groups have used Zoom!)

For Skype, everyone is required to sign up. And you will need to share email addresses used to sign up with the person that initiates the Skype Call. You can download the APP here or use on the Web here. Based on 10 years of working from home and using video/teleconferencing programs, I would highly recommend that everyone at least has standard headphones so you avoid echos and feedback.

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