Welcome to the Woodlands

[Church for newborns through kindergarten]

a closer look at the woodlands

The Woodlands is a place where young children can come and learn stories from the Bible, stories that are made relevant to their lives through small group story time, crafts, and whole group singing. They learn the same stories as the older children so that parents can have discussions with all of their kids about what they're learning. 

Which part of the Woodland does my child belong to?

Tadpole Pond | birth to 15 months old

Chipmunk Corner | 15 months to 36 months

Robin's Nest | 3 year olds

Fox's Forest | 4 year olds (preschool)

Moose Meadow | 5 year olds (kindergarten )

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  • Woodlands Wing Map

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  • Safety

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